Relaxation 6 tips to dare to leave your comfort zone

6 tips to dare to leave your comfort zone


Staying in our comfort zone prevents us from exploring new paths in life. If we can overcome the fear of the unknown to go beyond those limits, we can achieve things that we did not think we were capable of.

Facing a new job challenge, taking an important step in our personal life (such as getting divorced or having a child), starting a business, changing the city or country of residence. Sometimes, in certain situations that imply a substantial change in our life, we are paralyzed.

In general, it happens that we feel comfortable with the known, with what we have already mastered. Anything that involves adapting to a new scenario can be scary and, in the end, we can choose not to do anything because staying as we are is “safer”.

However, when we do not take any risks, we run the risk of missing good things. We miss the opportunity to evolve. We need to get out of our comfort zone to reach new goals. Following these tips can help us do just that:


The fears that hold us back are based on negative experiences from our past, when we were younger and inexperienced. These fears, although they have lost their meaning in the present, still continue to affect our decisions.

Today, as adults, we have matured and we have learned new strategies that we can implement to achieve our goals. When you face new challenges, ask yourself if you are ready to overcome them and then recall all your achievements, skills and talents.


Believe it or not , you’ve already thrown yourself into the void more than once. Or is it that you don’t remember those times when you managed to overcome a challenge that you had set for yourself? Maybe it was when you went down a slide for the first time, or when you got your driver’s license, or when you decided to talk to that person you liked.

Connect with a memory in which you have felt truly free, being yourself and venturing to try something new. How did you feel? Wouldn’t it be great to experience the same feeling again?


Former world chess champion Ruslan Ponomariov used to say that the fear of making mistakes in a game can block you. He summed up his attitude towards defeats with this revealing phrase: “In chess you never lose, you always learn.”

This philosophy that decriminalizes error can be applied in all areas of our life. Even if we fail, the effort is worth it. We learn from all the experiences we live, and from all of them we can draw very valuable conclusions that will help us improve.


Being able to break our emotional blocks does not mean that we should go crazy to develop any project that comes to mind. It is necessary to listen to our heart and allow ourselves to be guided by it, but without canceling our rational part, essential to organize and project.

Our objective must be to promote communication between the head and the heart so that they do not fight, but rather dialogue and work together. So, we can focus on realizing our projects.


Read biographies of famous people who dared to come out of their shelters and achieved great achievements. Learning from them and knowing how they overcame their crises will inspire us in our process.

There are stories like those of Elon Musk, who approached the launch of his Falcon Heavy rocket as “an exciting success or an exciting failure” or that of Jane Goodall, who at age 23 flew to Kenya to fulfill her dream of studying animals. in their natural environment, which make us see that it is possible to achieve what we want.


In consultation, I do a visualization exercise with some people in which I propose that they imagine breaking their blocking pattern. In this practice we investigate the different possibilities they may face and they themselves provide their own options and ways of resolving eventual conflicts. This exercise helps to make important decisions and to lower the level of anxiety before transcendental changes in our lives. I move out of my house? Job change? Am I taking a risk with this relationship?

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