Lifestyle Allow yourself to enjoy doing nothing

Allow yourself to enjoy doing nothing


Online classes, creative cooking, workshops, What if you relax? Today we know that from not doing we can be more creative, feel better about ourselves, with others and with the present moment. So, why not do anything?

Doomed, as we are, to the society of performance and productivity, doing nothing is seen as lazy and lazy. But when our world came to a halt with Covid-19, it slowed us down. It seemed impossible, but it has happened. No one could think that we could stop. But we did it. We were forced to do so. And, without a doubt, we learned a lot from it. To extract many lessons. Here we will see the one that is related to not doing. Let’s see.


It does not take far to realize that everything around us invites us too more and more and more. All are applications to organize tasks. Activity reminders. Everything must have a result, as if our life were an operating account of a company, although we are neither a company nor should we exploit ourselves.

But many of us do. Even with our children, with whom we are capable of allowing them anything, of enrolling them in thousands of extracurricular activities, as long as they don’t get bored, as if boredom were the worst of monsters. As we will see later, it is not.

We have also forgotten to disconnect from ourselves. To detoxify ourselves from actions. To be in our own world to, later, better inhabit the world we share. In this sense, social media has become a substitute for doing nothing. I look at the phone, even though no one is calling me.

I check the mail, even if no one has written to me, just in case… I upload a photo. I share a video of a kitten. Anything less being with the feeling of doing nothing. Not that!


Today there is a reaction to this suffocating reality, such as the now famous case of the artist WoopsYang, who in South Korea has turned doing nothing into a sport, bringing together more than 70 people in a park to be, together, without Do nothing.

Staring into the void. Only in a vacuum. No more. Without seeking or pretending. What is this for? Well, curiously, for a lot, above all, to relax our brains, overexcited by productivity and that terrible feeling that if we do not do, we are nothing. Nobody.

Also, as some studies are showing, it reduces stress, mental exhaustion and, above all, predisposes us to creativity. Yes. To ours. To our creative power.

Let’s imagine that we are throwing stones, all the time, into a lake. Outcome? Troubled, cloudy, unclear waters. However, if we are able to do nothing.

Just looking at the center, contemplating its beauty, little by little, the surface relaxes, becomes smooth; gentle. Little by little the background clears up and we can peek into it. Decipher it. Learn. The same thing happens to our inland lakes. To calm its waters, so that they regain their transparency, we must stop throwing the heavy rocks of the activity. Without doing anything. Without pretending anything. Without wanting to achieve anything.


Obviously, in this consumer society, this is complicated because the enemy that we mentioned before appears… boredom! But boredom is our ally. For example, yawning, the great physical manifestation of boredom, oxygenates the brain. But there is more. Even the art of boredom has an English name: niksen.

Good boredom. I am not bored. Nor reluctance. Find boredom. Objective? None. Just be. Be present in the present. No more. And that is where the miracle will occur that the mind will seek its own stimuli. And it will reveal itself to us unexpected and surprising.

Not in vain Aristotle said that amazement is the door to philosophy. Well, the prelude to amazement is boredom, that moment when without paying attention to anything, we suddenly look at something that amazes us, a word that in its etymology means to get out of the shadows. That is, then, doing nothing. A preparation to shake off the shadows of endless doing.

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