Disorders Cervical-uterine orgasm: the authentic feminine pleasure

Cervical-uterine orgasm: the authentic feminine pleasure


Feeling that the climax extends from that center to the whole body, this is a cervico-uterine orgasm. To live it, the uterus has to be elastic and flexible. This is how you will get it.

Before starting, it is essential to understand that it is through the neocortex, our rational brain, where they have put us the information that our sexuality is dirty and that we should not try to give ourselves pleasure by moving the uterus. So, it will also be through the neocortex that we can change the boycott recording that nest in our minds. Informing ourselveslearning what our sexuality is like and unlearning what we were taught wrong is the first step.


Posture matters. And a lot! We must begin to uncarcerate our uterus on a daily basis: sit with our legs open, squat down with the perineum as close to the ground as possible, try to close our legs as little as possible in our day-to-day life. It is important not to cross your legs when we sit down: this posture tightens the uterus, in addition to twisting our hips.

For this paradigm shift to take its course, we must stop preventing young women from following their natural instincts to move the uterus, which is what they did to us and what, without knowing the scope of our words, we do to women. young people today. We tell them to feel good, to close their legs, not to swing their hips on the arms of the sofa, not to touch.

They are messages that repress the experience of living female innate sexual drives and do not allow us to be aware of our uterus.


There are activities that can help us a lot in this reconnection process, some of the most creative:

  • Find images of the uterus, look at their shapes and structure, and then try to locate it as accurately as possible in our body.
  • Painting or modeling uteri. You don’t have to be a great artist to dare to create. It is a piece for us, not for an international exhibition (or is it?). We can make them super realistic or the most abstract. My son insists that the first clay model I made is a chicken leg. Well. It is my first modeling and I love it.
  • Watching videos of jellyfish and octopuses, for example, is very helpful. We can observe their smooth and fluid movements and imagine them within us.


Perhaps you already practice a group activity with which you work on body expression or that helps you “let go” of your body. If not, there are very simple exercises that you can do at home:

  • Lie on your back, bend your legs with the soles of your feet on the floor and spread your knees. Stay like this for a while, breathing deeply and sending the air to your hips. Relax little by little and you will notice how your knees get closer to the ground.
  • In the same position, grab your knees and bring them closer to your chest. Take a few deep breaths “puffing out” your hips. Release your knees and, with your legs still bent, drop them to the side. Climb them up and let them fall towards the other. Thus, the uterus moves from side to side.
  • Sit comfortably, close your eyes, smile, breathe in slowly, gently and deeply. As you breathe out, it sends the energy to the uterus. Repeat three times. This is a simplified form of Taoist sexual alchemy techniques.
  • Other activities that may be helpful include belly dancing, hypopressive gymnastics, Kegel exercises, and women’s chi kung.


It is important to have sexual encounters, with ourselves or with other people, in which the stimulation is long and slow to give us time to experience the pleasure of the uterus. Quick sex is a staunch enemy of the cervico-uterine orgasm.

As the Taoists say, man is fire and woman are water. The fire starts and goes out quickly. Water takes time to boil, but when it does, it takes a while to cool down.

And finally, it is important to believe that it is possible. Just as giving birth hurts us because we have convinced ourselves that it is so, the reverse process also works.

Let’s start connecting with our uterus when we feel pleasure. Let’s imagine that it moves, that it trembles. In a relaxed way. No pressure or bizarre visualization exercises that disconnect us from the experience of the moment. Simply by bringing attention there. If we imagine that it happens, one day it will end up happening.

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