Emotions Change course to achieve our goals

Change course to achieve our goals


Many times, we decide according to the circumstances and not according to what our being really wants. Or we let ourselves be influenced by others and we stop fighting for our dreams. We must get back on track and keep walking towards our goals, even though some people around us don’t understand it.

Many times, our dreams are broken. Why? Sometimes we have believed in them but people have failed us, we have deviated influenced by circumstances or inconveniences have appeared that have led to a disaster. Other times we have stopped believing in them because the day-to-day reality “is hard” –it is not always, but we live it that way, difficult, complicated, complex. Then we can be tempted to resign ourselves and throw in the towel. However, we can get back on track to start walking towards the achievement of our goals.


We lock ourselves up, lose hope and stop dreaming. When this happens, we do a little of everything, but without a clear direction. We row to comply, but we are like a castaway who is sailing now in one direction and then in another, and although he is rowing all the time, he does not get anywhere. It is carried away by currents, tides, waves and winds. He has lost the compass and does not know how to guide himself by the stars. You have become disillusioned and resigned, you have left your conscience asleep or anesthetized and you do not listen to your intuition. He flows with the currents and winds, but his will does not act. You become a victim of the system.

We are constantly making decisions, but many times we do it according to the circumstances, the moment and how we are, and not according to what our being really wants. We go against ourselves because our decisions are not aligned with what we really want. And when we don’t know what we want, we let ourselves be influenced.

From that state we imagine “negatively”, that is, we invoke the future creating worries, anxiety, planning, even fleeing from the present. But planning what we are going to do or what we want, things will not necessarily change. Without a broad vision, planning is limited to a way out.

  • Let us invoke the future with a clear image connected to our dreams and thus we will feel enthusiasm and vitality to walk the path towards them.
  • Let’s activate our will to achieve it. Part of this activation requires knowing how to set limits because, sometimes, saying “no” and setting limits means saying “yes” to what we want and crossing the border. Learn to say “no” to anything that takes you away from what you want, distracts or weakens you. What need do you have to look good and say “yes” when in your heart you want to say “no”?


You know your dream, what inspires and motivates you, what moves you: go for it. And even if some people around you don’t understand it, keep moving forward. Maybe at some point you should have conversations that allow those around you to understand you better. Stopping, observing, reinterpreting, reevaluating, controlling thoughts and feelings, and changing beliefs requires energy. An energy that will not come from outside, but from within. Connect with your truth and feel how it gives you the strength you need.

  • Be honest with yourself, with others and with life. It is about learning to be yourself by connecting with your vital core, the one that opens you to your personal excellence. With appreciative inquiry, we discover, select, and emphasize what energizes us, what ties us together as human beings, and what is the cornerstone of the existence of a person, a relationship, or a group or organization. We seek the best of “what is” to help spark the collective imagination of “what could be”. Our minds widen horizons and our hearts open when we listen to the stories lived, the wishes and dreams that we want to achieve and the commitments that we are ready to assume.
  • Do not get used to that reality or resign yourself to living it as a victim. When that happens, we lose our spark, our joy, and we don’t add our difference to the symphony of life. Each and every one of us has something to offer, be it talents, abilities or creativity: with this we can contribute to creating a better world. Through questions, dialogues, conversations and reflection, we explore our dormant capacities to unveil them and bring them to the surface.

It is about finding your quality, your talent, your specialty, your virtue, your uniqueness and your inner strength to contribute to your reality, to what surrounds you and to the people who are close to you. Thus, your presence is and will be transformative. Thanks to being yourself and living daring to realize your dreams, you can transform reality and build a better present and future.

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MindFixes is dedicated to promoting mental health, preventing mental disorders and advocating, educating, and serving all people with mental and substance use conditions. MindFixes is determined to persevere, learn, grow, love and laugh through our wellness journey and we invite all to join.


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