Relationship Criticism and gossip: what's behind the words that can...

Criticism and gossip: what’s behind the words that can hurt


Understanding that words are not innocent, that we must take care of them, is essential. Why is it so hard for us to measure our words? Criticism, teasing, or gossip can cause serious harm.

Before I did not give importance to gossip, I even thought that if you talk about someone it is because they have really done something. It also seemed to me that words were blown away and sometimes I even had fun with them, but over time I have realized the damage, ruins, paranoia, jealousy and tears that misuse of the word can cause. WHAT’S BEHIND THE TEASING, CRITICISM, AND GOSSIP?

Today this attitude surrounds us. You only have to look at the media to realize the success of the gossip. There is never a lack of public for this human weakness.

I wonder about the causes of this plague. Envy, jealousy, revenge occur to me: the cowardice of someone who does not face the adversary face to face. Disguised, misguided  appearances and courtesies make people whisper behind their backs.

The evildoer sets himself up as a judge, but a judge who punishes and condemns lightly, without correcting those he condemns, amending the wrong, or appeasing the dispute. In their eyes the accused is always guilty.

Gossiping implies feeling in possession of the truth and believing that it is a duty to proclaim it, when the truth is vivifying, impersonal and disinterested. It is very different from gossiping and spreading shameful secrets.

Often those who speak ill of others have feelings of smallness, of baseness, the need to justify themselves by lowering others to their own level, and lower if possible. Perhaps that is why, when someone speaks ill of us, I have not found a better answer than silence and waiting.


Sometimes one criticizes to laugh, lives the mockery without malice, out of lightness, often carried away by the pleasure of the moment, taking part in the game that someone else has started, but one must have enough sensitivity to understand that the joke about a person It should be possible to tell in front of her and it will also be funny if it is a healthy mood.

If not, you should know how to apologize for laughing at her. Understanding the impact that these jokes and laughter can have has made me see that it is necessary to try to repair when someone has failed to speak. Speaking badly about someone causes damage to the subject and whoever does it. Speaking badly in general of groups or opposites produces even wars and deaths, or problems that last for generations.

As a doctor I observe how medical secrecy and the control of words and truths do a lot of good for the community. And how, on the contrary, the little control of the word causes damage, illness, anguish and aggression.

The profession of doctor allows to know physically and psychologically people. For this reason, a premise of our profession is the secret, to speak of the positive side of people, not of their diseases or defects.

MindFixes Staff
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