How to How to enhance all our talents

How to enhance all our talents


The theory of multiple intelligences represented a whole revolution in an environment where the measurement of IQ through psychotechnical tests prevailed as a method to identify children with high capacities. This new point of view was very necessary to redefine the concept of talent and giftedness.


Initially he proposed the existence of seven intelligences , although he considered from the beginning that it was a provisional list.

Then, in 2010, he proposed the eighth, naturalistic intelligence, and spoke about the possibility of including a spiritual intelligence, as well as existential intelligence.

However, he did not include these last two as ninth intelligences, although he considered that they constitute a distinctive intellectual capacity of the human being.

Linguistic intelligence

It is a special sensitivity to spoken and written language, the ability to learn languages and to use language to achieve goals. Lawyers, speakers, writers, poets have this linguistic intelligence.

Logical-mathematical intelligence

It involves the ability to analyze problems in a logical way and to carry out mathematical operations and investigations in a scientific way. The have mathematicians and scientists.

Musical intelligence

This type of intelligence, typical of musicians, supposes the ability to interpret, compose and appreciate musical patterns.

Kinesthetic body intelligence

It is the ability to use parts of the body (such as the hand or the mouth) or its entirety to solve problems or create products.

Dancers, actors and athletes stand out, but so do artisans, surgeons, laboratory scientists, mechanics and other technically oriented professionals.

Spatial intelligence

It refers to the ability to recognize and manipulate patterns in large spaces (as navigators or pilots do) and in confined spaces (typical of sculptors, surgeons, chess players, graphic artists or architects).

Interpersonal intelligence

It is what enables a person to understand the intentions, motivations and desires of others, and, consequently, to work effectively with other people.

Salespeople, psychologists, pedagogues, social educators, teachers, doctors, political or religious leaders and actors stand out in it.

Intrapersonal intelligence

It refers to the ability to understand oneself, to use that information effectively in regulating one’s life. It highlights its origins in emotional life and its strong link with affective factors, as well as its importance in the decisions that a person makes throughout their life.

Naturalistic intelligence

It involves the ability to recognize and classify the many species (flora and fauna) in the environment. It is the facility (common in biologists, for example) to categorize new or unfamiliar organisms.

Spiritual intelligence

According to Gardner, it supposes the desire to have experiences and to know cosmic entities that are not easy to perceive in a material sense but that seem to have importance for human beings.


Education should aim to optimize the development of children, regardless of whether they are more or less intellectually capable, more or less skilled in one area or another, more or less “intelligent”.

Therefore, it will be necessary to differentiate the education of each of the boys and girls, if what we want is that they exercise the right to quality education. Offering a suitable environment for each individual’s needs, giving each person what they need to facilitate their development, should be a priority. For this reason, the early identification of giftedness and high capacities should be one of the concerns of educational systems, society and professionals, if precisely we intend to offer this quality care to all people. For this, it would be interesting to bet on an authentic inclusive education at all levels, which, among other fundamental aspects, means offering an individualized, personalized education for all children, adjusting teaching flexibly to the specific learning styles of each person, developing to the maximum the capacities, personality, talents, creativity of each and every one, also including gifted children. Because, in addition, these boys and girls also improve the quality of learning that takes place in the classroom and at school. It is necessary to organize classrooms, schools and educational centers, since offering an individualized and personalized education does not mean segregating.

Also offer positive parenting, with reference adults (parents, educational tutors) who provide an affective model of secure attachment, stimulating the development of a cognitive capacity based on critical and reflective thinking; create true synergies that are capable of creating authentic networks of quality and effective relationships.

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