Lifestyle Rural holidays: the best option for children this 2021

Rural holidays: the best option for children this 2021


After a year during which children have experienced an exceptional situation, experts recommend providing them vacations that combine education, natural environments and care. Spending the summer in a town or in the mountains is the best gift we can give them.

The summer has started after an atypical farewell to the course that has prevented contact between teachers and students. The desire to disconnect and tranquility comes this time more potent than ever after the anxiety and stress experienced during these months. In this context, letting children spend their holidays surrounded by nature seems to be the best option for children to heal their emotions after confinement.


Children have experienced an unusual situation that has disrupted them at different levels physical, psychological and socio-emotional. They have been confined for months, isolated from their environment, without socializing, without running or exercising, and doing homework at home with their parents.

For this reason, this summer 2020 is going to become more than ever a tool to learn, discover, socialize, communicate and even to be reborn.

“As parents, teachers and adults who deal with children, we have seen what they are capable of and how they manage to adapt to the moment that comes, even if it is unexpected. Now we want to give them back their illusion and make it their best summer. They have had a very bad time and we have seen them. The options that parents must choose are those that combine teaching, natural environments and care, ”says Irene Rial, teacher and primary school teacher. Play, nature, the outdoors and sports will be your reward and escape route.


Playgrounds begin to open and life is being resumed after months of confinement, where children have been great brave. It seeks to enjoy, go out, breathe and also avoid closed places and with a high number of people. What options do we have to be able to enjoy the holidays with the children in a healthy way?

  • Rural environments. “The villages allow all this more easily: children can go to the river, ride a bicycle and be in small groups of people without masks. You breathe calm and purity, ”says María Jesús Conde Taboada, a biology teacher at ESO and Baccalaureate. According to the biology specialist Elena Alcala Sánchez, at present and in the summer season, children must be able to carry out activities that are satisfactory for their mental (ability to concentrate, self-esteem) and physical development. “Campsites, rural houses and motorhomes have become luxury items for this summer. They meet all the requirements for our little ones to enjoy nature and without a doubt, they do so in an environment that adds confidence ”, explains Alcala.
  • Let them enjoy the natural light. Much has been said about the anxiety that children have suffered during the confinement. However, according to specialist Elena Alcala Sánchez, there are more aspects that have not been given so much importance. “Lack of exposure to the sun – which can cause a deficiency of vitamin D – and other external stimuli, have also been worrisome, he says.
  • Avoid screens. It is positive for them to put aside video games, television and mobile phones, elements that probably during the confinement have taken up part of their time. “Summer begins for the child, let him have a good time, without stress and resting. In September we will see what happens ”, says María Jesús. The little ones in the house need to get out and exercise.
  • Let them interact with caution. Urban camps are a good option for children to occupy their time in summer, always with a concise prevention protocol. Traveling outside of Spain is also possible from July 1. “Discovering cultures and getting out of monotony has always been enriching for the child. And this summer will be an incentive for the motivation of the minor. The contact that it may have with nature will be optimal, making it possible to maintain the safety distance and improve bone development, distance vision and adequate bone mineralization. All of this can be compromised after long periods of confinement ”, Elena asserts.
  • Moments of silence in nature. In weeks in which nothing was heard, no human or vehicle noise, we were able to hear nature. The children witnessed the birds fly away and free, something they longed for. Let the children continue to enjoy that privilege.


What will happen after the holidays? Parents report daily official information released by various institutional bodies, including the Ministries of Health, Education and FP or the Spanish Association of Pediatrics. A few days ago, documents were published on June 10 and 16 respectively, reflecting the next measures to be followed with the return to school for children in September.

These measures reflect the hygiene measures, cleanliness of the areas or composition of stable groups of children or use of a mask in the defined courses. A situation that may again be difficult for children. “Months of rest begin, but with a mind set on what comes next and affects the whole of society, especially the educational community,” adds pedagogue Irene Rial. It is therefore advisable to take advantage of the summer to recharge your batteries.

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