Emotions Serial killer Why are series about psychopaths successful?

Serial killer Why are series about psychopaths successful?


Mind hunter, You, Bates Motel, The Ted Bundy tapes. Audiovisual productions about criminals, especially those of serial killers, do not stop increasing and adding followers and addicts. What do these series hide to exert such seduction?

It is surprising how much audiovisual productions about criminals have increased. Mind hunter, You, Bates Motel, The Ted Bundy Tapes, The Valhalla Murders. Its followers and addicts also rise like foam. We would have to ask ourselves about the rise of the public towards the so-called black series: what is it that these series hide that manage to exert such seduction?


A psychopath is someone who suffers from a perversion, that of sadism, but carried to its last consequences. They need to attack and annihilate, if possible, others, be they animals or people. If we review history we will see how sadism and fictions about sadistic acts are not, at all, something new:

  • In the Middle Ages, torturing and dismembering a human body was the most common. Christianity did not change that way of treating others. In the name of God, those considered heretics were tormented or burned alive. They themselves were victims of persecution and all kinds of humiliations, reflected through their martyrs. It will be scholars who will begin to consider the “natural rights” that all humans have.
  • It will not be until the 18th century when, explicitly, the philosopher Immanuel Kant, in his attempt to rationalize people’s moral behavior, introduces the idea of ​​not using others as mere objects for a certain purpose. To reach the Supreme Good, one had to follow that moral law that, supposedly, was within all beings of consciousness.
  • Immediately afterwards, and in response to his contemporary, the Marquis de Sade wrote a Manifesto in which he appealed to enjoy the body of others without limits, doing with them whatever he wanted. His allegation was based on the existence of a kingdom of Full Evil, linked to nature, where, for its renewal, a meticulous destruction was necessary, until the total disappearance of living entities.
  • The one who best reflected Sade’s work was the Italian director Pier Paolo Passolini in his film Saló, 120 Days of Sodom, in which, despite being a metaphorical work of human cruelty, he recreates in detail the multiple aberrations that Sade described, though never realized. Also the famous director of the film The Pianist, Michael Haneke, knows how to portray the psychopath very well, highlighting in it the psychological cruelty towards his victims, as well as the physical one. Funny Games or Dani’s video, are two films that show her in her utmost rawness.


It was Sigmund Freud who detected a personality structure that he called perversion and put fetishism as its highest representative. The fetishist places at the center of his sexual pleasures an inert object, a shoe, a piece of clothing, a certain perfume, and only through them do they achieve full satisfaction.

There are also the masochists and sadists. The former are satisfied by positioning themselves as a gradient object for their partner. Sadists in putting before them someone whom they can attack as if it were a mere junk. If we add to the latter the imperative of dissecting the body and mind until we erase their chosen ones, there we find the psychopath.

But not only did he discover that, but also that, in most people, even if they are not perverse, there can be fantasies of this type, but in them the disappearance of the couple is never intended. They are always voluntary and can be part of certain erotic games. And it is that perception, in human beings, has this characteristic of mentally partializing the body of the subjects.

We emphasize or like certain bodily features, which are closely linked to culture, and which, in a normal process, may serve as exciters of desire or pleasure. The greater or lesser degree of these fantasies will depend on each person, but not for that reason it will be pathological. This is where we find a thread coinciding with the morbid that these series unconsciously awaken.

  • We have to differentiate very well psychopaths from those who may have destructive ideas and words towards those around them, be they bosses, partners, friends or parents, which are usually reactions that are the result of strong anger and specific situations. Usually they are not carried out.
  • There are also those who make pain, of themselves or of another, a form of search for erotic satisfaction. They are consensual relationships and in which both participants perfectly control the limits of the sado-masochistic game.
  • Finally there are those who make that mental capacity to dissect bodies, a creation or profession. From movie scriptwriters, crime novel writers, video game programmers, to surgeons, they use that capacity of imagination and knowledge of the human anatomy to put it at the service of people.


Who knows if what generates the success of audiovisual productions based on stories of psychopaths is also the challenge for people to understand the ins and outs of the mind of a psychopath. Why do they act the way they act? Psychopaths are aware of their actions only up to a point. They themselves do not quite know the cause of their destructive impulses.

Psychopaths fall squarely into the category of those with severe personality disorder. Specifically, a perversion of a sadistic type where they feel an urgent need to torture and make disappear, either animals, people or both.

They only allow themselves to be carried away by what they consider a necessity, a kind of instinct that leads them to have to trap their victims in their evil networks.

  • His joy is in feeling his power over them and in making all their weaknesses and anguish appear there. But they also need to be observed, since their intentions, or rather, their bad intentions, are directed to a certain morality and laws. In one way or another, they always record their wrongdoing, even if it is under the guise of “disappeared”.
  • They know very well human frailties, the fear of pain and death, and it will be to these points where their violence, physical and psychic, is directed. That is why their actions will not have an immediate deadly outcome, but rather they will seek to delight in that situation of subjugation of the other, with feeling it as something that is at their mercy.
  • His methods are very refined and his victims are not chosen at random. They must possess certain traits that, in general, will have some kind of relationship with their history or with the mental composition that they have made of the world. Surely in his life there would already be prominent elements on which the psychopath exerted his violence. Stray dogs, critters of a certain species and even people who were tortured, either psychologically or physically.
  • In general, the body for them is a collage made of pieces, a kind of Frankenstein, of which some stand out, which are the ones they fetishize, such as the skin, the eyes, the hands, etc. For others it will be the body holes that will be eroticized. From the mouth, ears, to the anus, they are the routes chosen to carry out his torments.

It is as if, through these ordeals, they enjoyed those areas themselves.

  • In each of the psychopaths a pattern can be observed, which is repeated in their different victims. It can be of a physical or psychological nature, but they do a series, one after another, to the extent that, once one is annihilated, the continuity of their torments is guaranteed by the similarity that the next chosen one will have with the previous one.
  • His apparent coldness and indifference to the pain of others does not imply that, consciously or unconsciously, his pleasure is not linked to that. But also, to all the montage that surrounds it. They are known to be transgressors of laws, both legal and social, and circumventing them is part of their motivations.

They need pursuers and outside observers.

  • They intend to send a message to the world: Lose your innocence! There are human beings who are not only evil, but also enjoy it! Your perfect world of goodness has a lot of flaws that can be exploited to the contrary!
  • Not all psychopaths are criminals, but they do seek the destruction of the other in different ways. It can be presented under the aspect of someone who, analyzing the weaknesses of other people, systematically targets and undermines the injured party until they manage to ruin their economic life, or mentally. His schemes will be repeated with several victims.
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