How to Signs! How to flow with the syncs

Signs! How to flow with the syncs


What happens to us is something that can be changed but that has to be lived in order to carry out that transformation. Learn how to do it.

By activating our innate abilities, the sleepy mind awakens and orients itself towards the path that we must consciously travel on, a path in which, when barriers fall and obstacles are reduced, we are able to position ourselves in favor of the flow of energy synchronies.


Synchronies are signs on the path of life, veiled messages that lead us to understand the fiction of a supposed mechanistic and structured reality under the dominion of reason.

It is as if we were in a forest surrounded by trees that do not allow us to have perspective to find the way out if we managed to rise above, we would immediately see where that path runs and even where it leads us.

This perspective that elevates us above ourselves, of that we that is subject to the yoke of reason, allows our actions to facilitate the synchronicities that are favorable for us to create new paths.


Knowing that we can change our course whenever we want is something really important in life. But first we must admit that what we are living, whatever it is, is just what we should be living. If this were not the case, we would not assume reality and we would not be able to change the course of the synchronicities that have brought us here.

Clinging to the idea of ​​how terrible what has happened to us can be, that we do not deserve it or it is not fair, is a trap for the mind, which is thus imprisoned in suffering.

By assuming reality, what happens is transformed and we can continue forward, leaving behind suffering and everything that caused it, consciously joining the synchronicities.

In reality, you don’t have to fight suffering, fear, or doubt; it is not about overcoming them. It is usually a waste of time and effort, and it often ends up creating the opposite effect. You just have to understand why they are there, what meaning they have in our lives and what we can learn from these situations.


We overcome ourselves, or rather, what we think we are, which, in general, is a fiction of the mind and the environment in which we live. So, when we go beyond that fiction, we begin to see reality; things are in their place and we in ours, and together we navigate the immense flow of synchronicities.

This is how we understand that no matter what happens, what is truly relevant is that we do everything in our power to understand what is happening and act accordingly.

But whether it is something favorable or not, largely does not depend on us, but also on the multiple synchronicities.

What really depends on each one of us is how we stand before what happens, and this is what defines our life and how we live it, conscious and open to experiencing all events, or unconscious and closed to changes and life experiences . We have to understand that we cannot go against the synchronic movement of life and the universe.


Unfortunately, many times we act unconsciously and do not know that we are faced with multiple possibilities and that it is in our hands to choose those that allow us to flow with existence and place ourselves in the right place.

It is not easy to understand the scope and magnitude of the synchronicities, but it is not necessary to appeal only to reason; it is intuition that has the answer to stop fighting against events and join the flow of synchronicities. With our practice, we perceive everything we do synchronously.

All movement, breath, sensation or thought becomes a continuous flow, a serene and conscious mind that encompasses everything that happens and everything that exists in us.

We are close to our inner awakening when we synchronize our mind with the synchronicities of our life. Synchronies are comfortable with our intuitive and free mind, free of dogmas and faith, and are hidden from minds that are only rationalists and believers.

MindFixes Staff
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