Emotions To sign is to enchant Healthy benefits of singing

To sign is to enchant Healthy benefits of singing


When we sing we feel better about ourselves but also about the world. It doesn’t matter if we sing well or badly: spending a few minutes singing brings you many benefits.

As if it were by magic, or incantation, every time we sing we start a symphony of benefits that, above all, causes us to feel better about ourselves, others and the world. Singing, for the simple fact of doing it, will positively enchant our existence.

An ancient Chinese proverb reveals that a bird does not sing because it has an answer, but because it has a song. That is, there is no specific purpose or purpose. It is because. He does it as a celebration. And it is curious that in the etymology of singing we find the meaning of celebrating. Don’t we celebrate by singing? That is what it is all about. Because when we sing we are celebrating a way of being in the world, of relating to others and, above all, to oneself.

Singing gives us wings, height and perspective. Otherwise, surely, the birds would not sing or give voice to the trees.


Singing is a magic that for some time science (the only magic that we are capable of believing) has said that, indeed, this activity produces a torrent of benefits in our organism that are far superior to the quality or not of our voice. Let’s point out some of them:

  • We feel good. When we sing we secrete endorphins that give us a feeling of well-being that also helps us to free ourselves from tension and reduce stress.
  • We breathe better. When we get used to singing on a regular basis, we exercise the diaphragm as well as other muscles involved in breathing.
  • We correct bad postures. Because you can’t sing hunched over or in strange positions. We need to be upright, straighten, therefore we develop a way of being in the world and, in addition, we exercise the thorax.
  • We expand our memory. Learning songs, striving to remember word by word the melodic flow that we breathe, makes our memory (which is still a muscle that we can put in shape) is exercised.
  • Improves all health. These are just a few of the benefits. It is also studied how it works for the cardiovascular system, how it strengthens our immunology and even how it can prevent dementia.


The important thing is to be aware that we love singing, it activates magic our magic. That’s why incantations are sung, right? Because they connect with a melodic energy that makes us enter into harmony with parts of ourselves that would otherwise be inaccessible.

Singing and enchanting are so close that it seems incredible that we ignore the magic that is inside each song we sing. If we do not sing alone, if we do not sing for ourselves, we will put the magic to work on other levels.

  • Duet or trio. Or in a choir. Singing together, following a melody in unison is reinforcing empathy. The connection with that other person and with the group. It is a celebration of being on the same planet in the same way. Many of humanity’s problems would be solved if we were able to sing the same song at the same moment; in the same place.
  • For others. Sing to someone else. Looking into her eyes. That simple gesture can create a tremendous connection based on generosity and dedication. In addition, although it will cost us at first, we will overcome the limiting barriers of our shame.
  • In public. You don’t have to be a rock star. Just go, for example to karaoke. Because there, in front of others, we can develop our self-esteem, confidence and the ability to speak in public confidence. In addition to being fun, we will understand what it means to be present, to be the focus of attention and, still, and to be part of a whole. If it weren’t for an emotional connection, we wouldn’t be talking about a business, karaoke that unites cultures and fascinates millions of people around the planet.
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