Emotions Your WhatsApp is affecting you emotionally: how to avoid...

Your WhatsApp is affecting you emotionally: how to avoid it


We live confined to home and yet we are exposed to permanent stress through social media and WhatsApp, which are more active than ever. How to manage them?

In the current state of confinement, and despite living in a single physical space, stressful experiences related to the management of social networks are being experienced phone calls, WhatsApp or video calls chase us in a demand for continuous attention.

We have learned to make cuts in a continuum that is our day to day. It does not matter if we have had a good or a bad day. Nor does it matter much if the night before did not sleep or there is a family or relationship crisis. Life continues its course and, within us, a multitude of sensations intersect that can be of a very different sign and that intersect each other with these messages.


These interruptions or cuts in our lives are multiplying as the time of confinement passes. In addition to those who have to temporize their lives with teleworking, all kinds of exchange groups and internet or telephone connection have proliferated. And this may be affecting our emotional health more than we think:

  • We are not allowing ourselves to feel.

If we slow down and superimpose some things with others, we will only create a drift in which, finally, we will have left the affectivity in suspense, mortgaged and deferred in time. That is to say, everything that we have not digested affectively in its corresponding moments, will take its toll on us later.

Without intending it, we have been creating a breeding ground for the appearance of symptoms of a different order: psychosomatic, depressive, phobic or impotence in the face of daily burdens.

  • We are exposed to an informational schizophrenia

The initial idea was to keep in touch with people and not lose the thread. However, in many cases they have become schizophrenic media in which, in the same way that an explanatory video about the coronavirus is shared, the isolation, admission or even death of a relative or acquaintance with COVID-19 is reported, share a meme or math game or accept a culinary challenge. Pure schizophrenia in a single WhatsApp group.

If someone from outside recorded the sequence of our faces, in a few minutes we would go, as if we were pampering, from a laugh to a frown, sadness, outrage or saturation and flee the group.

Divided and multiplied, totally contrary and contradictory feelings overlap without being able to fully digest them or give each one the dimension they have. Urged by the inputs , we are forced to quickly move on to something else without analyzing the previous one.


Aren’t we making life more complicated than necessary? Are we not trying to cover the anguish of a situation of uncertainty and loss with other anxieties from known sources and acquaintances?

Something symptomatic occurs in this proliferation of groups that connect us with our past. As if the world were going to end, a large number of people have contacted those who were part of their childhood, youth or student stage.

The result has been that, after the obligatory question about their state of health, another group has also been added to the long list of current ones and the obligation to have to answer their occurrences, questions or future meetings. There is no fissure in the back, the unexpected and unpleasant watches over us with this virus, in the now and in the immediate future, and the tendency to return moves us and, at times, can.


Undoubtedly, each of those characters that we turn to were part of a puzzle that was shaping our identity. But going back is not the solution. We are much more than that and to focus our energy on today, to be able to live it in all its amplitude, which is not little, it will allow us to be able to project with those around us, what each feeling, each decision, each creation means.

  • Focus on yourself for a while. Let us contact, now that we are offered the opportunity, with each of the experiences and attitudes that are taking place in us and in those who surround us, to be able to re-signify them calmly.
  • Disconnect: let’s not repeat stressful schemes. It is not about isolating ourselves but rather that the distribution of our psychic resources is at our service and not the demanding maelstrom of other lives and other times.
  • Choose. Let’s try to reduce the groups and sources of information to what is necessary to be able to follow the course of events, to find out if we can lend a hand to groups, neighbors or relatives in need, to those who clear us a little. Let’s try to give ourselves feedback by assimilating the things that are happening in all their dimensions.
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